African Leaders Healthboard


The African Leaders Health Board (ALHB) of Washington State is a group of African Immigrant and Refugee Leaders driven by the importance of the health and well-being of Africans in the state. We work together to address health inequity and strive to cultivate a healthier community. We engage and serve African immigrant and refugee communities in Washington State.

We updated the logo to reflect a modern feel while still representing the accurate baobab tree greenery. We also reduced the non-essential details from the original logo

On June 18th of 2022, we officially launched the African Leaders Health board website with other custom made brand materials. We also launched a PPC Advertising campaign to  reach out to Swahili speaking and other African Immigrants communities in Washington State. 

This comprehensive rebrand included brand strategy, logo design, brand identity, website design, video production, photography, brand messaging, and a refresh of all African Leaders Healthboard  material. 

Honoring Black Healthcare Professionals

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